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We raise Katahdin Sheep... what are Katahdins you ask? 

The Katahdin is a breed of domestic sheep developed in Maine, United States and named after Mount Katahdin - the highest peak in Maine. The Katahdin sheep breed was the first in the United States to reach sheep industry standards of carcass quality.  The average Katahdin ewe weight is 120 to 160 pounds and the ram's weight is 180 to 250. Most Katahdin ewes will have a 200% lamb crop. The Katahdin sheds its winter coat, and so does not have to be sheared. The Katahdin's hair can come in any color as the emphasis of the breed is on production rather than appearance. The Katahdin's popularity in the USA has increased in recent years due to low wool prices and high shearing costs. This, combined with the fact that the Katahdin sheep breed is also resistant to parasites - a trait inherited from its St. Croix ancestors - makes the breed a highly productive, low-cost option for commercial shepherds. 

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For Sale:

Lambs Available  

We have 3 ram lambs and 1 ewe lamb available!

Born December 2019 & January 2020

Spring is our typical lambing season and we will post availability on this site.  However we may have lambs and  sheep for breeding, or lambs ready to be processed at other times of the year.  Feel free to contact us if for availability.

We Accept


Katahdin Ewe Lamb - 4 month old Good conformation and will make a nice pet or breed ewe


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