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Nigerian Dwarf Goats/Kids Available!

​​Below is some info on the NDGs we have available:

Carrington - He is an almost year old buckling with a great temperament and nice colors. He is not bucky (smelly and mean/aggressive). He is very "in your pocket" friendly and takes good care of his girls.  He is in one of our pastures with 3 of our does (Nea, Bluebell and Tinkerbell). Unregistered - $125

Nea - Short for Neapolitan... you can see why from her colors, she has awesome colors and looks like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, LOL! She is a year old and also has very pretty big blue eyes! A sweetheart of a girl... unregistered - $125 (Also, she is probably pregnant by Carrington)

Fawn- She is also a year old with beautiful fawn colors. She is very sweet and was  bred with our registered buck Petey, who has and throws his big blue eyes.  Fawn just had an adorable ram lamb (yes, with blue eyes) on 2/17/17. She is available after her buckling is weaned - unregistered - $125, or with her buckling for $200

HAF Bluebelle - She is one of our registered 2016 doelings from our registered Patches and registered Petey. She is black with white moonspots and has big beautiful blue eyes. She will follow you around the farm like a puppy dog, LOL!  Registered $300.  (Also, she is probably pregnant by Carrington)

HAF Tinkerbelle - She is also a registered 2016 doeling from our registered Sparkles and dual registered Petey. She is a beautiful tri-color doeling with frosted ears. She is for sale Registered $300. (Also, she is probably pregnant by Carrington)

Last but not least are our Available Kids... When available, they will  be AGS registered.   

 Please check back often... we have kids throughout the year.

We are a registered breeder with the AGS  (HAF2 is our Certified Heard name).  

We are so proud of our Herd Sire, Petey, he does a great job of throwing his big, beautiful blue eyes into his kids! 



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